Full Name
Bahiyyah Greer
Job Title
Principal Strategist
The Winters Group, Inc. and Principal Diversity Consultant for AHKIRAH Legal and Diversity Consulting
Speaker Bio
“I am the vibrant and dynamic daughter of a Black Panther Mother and a Nation of Islam Father. I am a sovereign for justice and a solicitor of peace. I am a respecter of the obscure and an expositor of the profound. I believe in the inherently amenable energy of all people, spaces and perspectives, regardless of experience, circumstance or condition. I #LiveInclusively by advocating for righteousness and justice as a foundation for personal expansion and collective advancement.” 

Bahiyyah A. Greer is a Principal Strategist with The Winters Group and the Principal Diversity Consultant for AHKIRAH Legal and Diversity Consulting. For several years, she served as Executive Director of The Center for Legal Diversity and Inclusion at The Charlotte School of Law, where she directed an equity-based program in legal skills and ethics for over fifteen-hundred adult law students.

Bahiyyah is a former Magistrate Judge, and faithfully served the people within the 14th Judicial District of North Carolina for several years. Before her judicial appointment, she was Director of Multicultural Intervention at the Center for Criminal Justice Research and Policy at North Carolina Central University.

Bahiyyah received a Juris Doctorate Degree from North Carolina Central University School of Law and an undergraduate degree in Political-Science and International Relations from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Within her personal interests, she is deeply committed to examining how specific economic, legal, and cultural frameworks develop and support social justice advocacy efforts in underserved populations. Bahiyyah’s research and scholarly interests lie at the intersection of criminal bias, privilege and restorative justice.

She is a certified administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®).
Bahiyyah Greer