Full Name
Dr. Deena Brown
Job Title
Director, Global Inclusion Diversity Equity Business Partner
Speaker Bio
Elevating leadership to unprecedented heights, Dr. Deena C. Brown emerges as a transformative force in the realm of organizational excellence. As a Medtronic Director with two decades of mastery in Organizational Development and Leadership Effectiveness, her insights captivate and empower executive leaders globally. Dr. Brown's anticipated release, "Confidence: Unmask the Imposter Within," is set to redefine the leadership landscape, steering professionals from the haze of uncertainty to the clarity of assured success.

Championing the advancement of women through her innovative L.E.A.D framework, Dr. Brown's initiatives promise not only growth but profound transformation. The brainchild behind Melanin TôKs™️, she amplifies the voices of Black women on a global stage. In her pivotal role as Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Director at Medtronic, Dr. Brown is not just breaking barriers; she's building bridges to a future where leadership is inclusive, impactful, and genuinely transformative.
Deena Brown