Full Name
Ms. Wendy Moomaw
Job Title
conscious collaboratory®
Speaker Bio
Wendy Moomaw (she/her) is a Chinese-American woman, an executive coach, and facilitator whose professional learnings and lived experience are reflected in the work she does with clients and their teams. She holds numerous certifications in coaching and leadership instruments and is also trained as a somatic practitioner, using somatic abolitionism (attribution: Resmaa Menakem) and Social Presencing Theater (attribution: Arawana Hayashi). Wendy is the co-creator of reimagining workshops including Racial Equity and patriarchy. She can hold disparate data and distill patterns that enable her clients to be methodical about their inner work and be intentional about their outer work, in their sphere of influence, from the perspective of their lived experiences, to create the outcomes that matter most. The breadth of culture and experiences of her somatic teachers inform her ability to use the body as a gateway: to deepen the capacity of leadership, to explore ancestral lineage through an intercultural lens, and to be in and dance with culture, racial equity, and/or patriarchy as catalysts for shift and change. She practices joy with walks in nature, dancing to music, and laughing out loud.
Wendy Moomaw

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Creating a Joy-Centered Future