Full Name
Ritu Bhasin
bhasin consulting inc.
Speaker Bio
Ritu Bhasin [RIH-thoo bah-SEEN], LL.B. MBA, is the CEO of bhasin consulting inc., a globally recognized full-service DEI and leadership consulting firm that has worked with hundreds of world-renowned organizations since its launch in 2010. Ritu is an award-winning speaker, author, consultant, and internationally recognized expert in inclusion, leadership, belonging, and empowerment. She has presented to hundreds of thousands of people globally and has personally coached over a thousand people. Ritu’s new book, the bestseller We’ve Got This, was released in 2023 (June), and her bestselling book The Authenticity Principle was released in 2017. Ritu lives in Toronto, Canada. When she is not working, you’ll find her traveling around the world to eat, swim, hike, dance, and chill.
Ritu Bhasin