Create an equity and justice focused DEI strategy that is sustainable, measurable, and drives organizational outcomes

The DEI Strategy Academy™ by The Winters Group, Inc., is a transformative 6-week virtual learning experience which will prepare you to create equity- and justice-centered DEI strategic plans for your organization.

Our comprehensive, innovative, and practical methodology equips you with the skills to analyze equity issues and cultural patterns using six components, including the Racial Equity Analysis™ and the Dominant Culture Analysis™ frameworks.

Enhance your intercultural competence, change management proficiency, and develop your strategic planning expertise to prioritize equity and justice. Learn how to effectively navigate resistance, polarization, and the emotional complexities that arise throughout your organization’s DEI journey.


Program Cost: $1,800 per attendee (for-profit organizations) / $1,500 per attendee (not-for-profit organizations)


This program is approved for SHRM recertification credits.

Academy Takeaways:

  • Enhance Data Analysis Skills: Learn The Winters Group's mixed-methodology approach to gather and analyze data, using the Racial Equity Analysis Framework™ and Dominant Culture Analysis Framework™ for a deeper understanding of your organization's equity landscape.


  • Improve Strategic Planning Expertise: Utilize data insights to develop comprehensive strategies that address resistance, promote change, and prioritize equity and justice. Incorporate the Intercultural Development Inventory®, ADKAR Change Management, and the Kubler-Ross Curve to drive impactful transformation.


  • Cultivate Intercultural Competence: Acquire the knowledge and skills to navigate intercultural dynamics and foster collaboration amongst polarization. Understand how your strengths can be utilized to leverage someone else's strengths.


  • Experience Personal and Organizational Transformation: Through personal growth, drive organizational change to create a work culture that acknowledges and addresses equity, embraces diversity, and values justice.


  • Toolkit: Participants in The DEI Strategy Academy™ will leave with a comprehensive toolkit that includes valuable resources to support their continued implementation of equity and justice-centered strategic plans.  

What's Included:

  • Six LIVE virtual, interactive 2-hour sessions facilitated by The Winters Group's strategy and assessment experts
  • Strategy toolkit with templates and resources to assist your process
  • Access to the recorded sessions and discounts for ongoing support

Session Dates and Times:

Session 1: Organizational Alignment for Successful Data Collection and Implementation

Session 2: Gathering Justice-Centered, Quantitative Insights 

Session 3: Gathering Justice-Centered, Qualitative Insights 

Session 4: Presence, Presentation, and Promise for Data-Driven Change 

Session 5: Embedding Data into Your DEIJ Strategy from Organizational Vision to Action 

Session 6: Justice-Centered Metrics and Accountability to Sustain Your DEIJ Strategy 

Who Would Benefit From This Learning Experience?

  • Chief Diversity Officers / DEI Directors
  • CEOs, COOs, and Executive Leaders committed to DEI Work
  • Individuals responsible and accountable for DEI strategy


Content Designer and Lead Facilitator

Kevin Carter

Vice President, Strategy and Assessments,

The Winters Group, Inc.


To maximize the learning experience, we have a maximum of 30 participants.

The sessions will be recorded and available to participants for one year post-program.

No. This program provides a certificate of completion. There is no exam component, so this is not a certification program.

While the live experience is part of the value of the program, we understand that things come up. Recorded sessions should be available in the program portal at least 24 hours before the next session.

Refunds are available for a limited time minus a $150 processing fee. 

We have intentionally chosen to discount the fees for this program to acknowledge the inequities that often accompany professional development funds and the reality that many professional development programs have been paused. The full value of this program is $2,999. We have discounted the program to offer it to you for $1,800 and $1,500 respectively.