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Below are some resources from The Winters Group and some of our speakers to kick off your learning for the 2024 Racial Justice at Work Summit.

We Can’t Talk about That at Work! How to Talk about Race, Religion, Politics, and Other Polarizing Topics (Second Edition) by Mary-Frances Winters and Mareisha N. Reese

In this second edition of the best-selling book, Mary-Frances Winters is joined by Mareisha N. Reese with a new chapter on how two organizations have actualized the model for Bold, Inclusive Conversations® as well as a discussion guide and updated glossary. Available now!

Racial Justice at Work: Practical Solutions for Systemic Change by Mary-Frances Winters and The Winters Group Team

Creating justice-centered organizations is the next frontier in DEI. This book shows how to go beyond compliance to address harm, share power, and create equity.

Black Fatigue: How Racism Erodes the Mind, Body, and Spirit by Mary-Frances Winters

This is the first book to define Black fatigue, the intergenerational impact of systemic racism on the health of Black people, and to explain why and how society needs to do more to combat its pernicious effects.

Inclusive Conversations: Fostering Equity, Empathy, and Belonging across Differences by Mary-Frances Winters

This is a comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to break down the barriers that separate us and facilitate discussions on polarizing topics.

Books by Dr. Ruha Benjamin

Books by Dr. Shirley Davis

Books by Dr. Luiza Dreasher

Books by Dr. Gregory Hutchings, Jr.

Books by Tamara Winfrey-Harris

Books by Lara Schwartz

Books by Ariana Brown

Books by Dr. Roxy Manning

Books by Rhodes Perry

Books by Nene Molefi

Books by Dr. Nika White

Books by Bernardo Ferdman

Books by Jackie Glenn

Books by CaTyra Polland

Books by Dr. Rohini Anand

Books by Celeste Warren

Books by Pam Johnson Davis

Books by Lisa Fain

Books by Doc Jana

Books by Dr. Levon T. Esters