Full Name
Dr. Roxy Manning
Job Title
Clinical Psychologist, Consultant, and Social Justice Advocate
Roxy Manning, PhD
Speaker Bio
Dr. Roxy Manning, a clinical psychologist and social justice advocate, specializes in systemic and individual transformation. Her experience as a Black Caribbean immigrant to the US informs her work with diverse groups globally, focusing on healing internalized oppression and empowering transformative dialogue that creates new possibilities in which we all thrive. She is an assessor and certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication. Roxy is the author of How to Have Antiracist Conversations and co-author of The Antiracist Heart (https://roxannemanning.com/books/). She also co-hosts the Fierce Compassion podcast (https://antiracistconversations.com/fierce-compassion-podcast/).
Roxy Manning

Presenting at the following session(s):

Fostering Antiracist Conversations and Engagement