Full Name
Asheli Mann-Lofthouse
Job Title
President & CEO
Cultural Outreach and Racial Equity Collective NFP
Speaker Bio
Asheli Mann-Lofthouse is an Organizational Anthropologist that draws from her personal background and 15 years of DEI, human resources, and organizational development experience to lead the design and implementation of organizational, community and educational strategies that foster a culture of belonging and inclusion aligned with entity imperatives. With expertise in development and execution of strategic initiatives, Asheli empowers communities and organizations to break down systemic barriers, heal divisions, align value-driven priorities, and support diverse talent pipelines that allow each individual to thrive. Her unique anthropological approach promotes awareness, allyship, and social justice by understanding holistic and diverse human experiences.

Asheli is actively committed to contributing to social and organizational impact efforts in partnership with local, state, and federal organizations, educational institutions, non-profits, communities, and business from all sectors in need and has a proven track record of delivering results in equitable [and efficient] process and program management, evaluation, and improvement through learning and leadership development and priority alignment. Asheli is a servant leader and life-long learner, committed to understanding individuals from all perspectives, using anthropological and ethnographic methodologies to impact barriers for those facing adversity leveraging listening, organizational development and change management techniques.
Asheli Mann-Lofthouse