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Peyina Lin-Roberts
Job Title
Founder/Executive Coach & Organizational Culture Development Consultant
REAP-n-LEAP Coaching & Consulting, LLC
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Peyina (pe-JEE-na) Lin-Roberts has over 20+ years of cross-industry experience. She grew up as a Third Culture Kid (TCK), sharing the rootless cultural adaptive capabilities of other TCKs for being raised in cultures different to that of their parents because of their careers. Peyina's mission is to evolve people and organizations in their inward and relational capacity so that they can deliberately enact roles that support equity, dissolve conflict into productive tension, and co-create healing and action-oriented spaces in support of liberation for all. To that end, in collaboration with The Winters Group, the Center for Creative Leadership, and others, she does work at the micro-level (coaching and training leaders in government, nonprofits, education, health, and Fortune 500 companies in inclusive leadership), at the meso-level (organizational culture audit, vision and strategy alignment, learning, and development), and at the macro-level (frameworks and tools that progress equity and justice). She has been a guest speaker for podcasts and presentations, and her equitable leadership survey and frameworks have been used in leadership trainings and organizational change work. Through her leadership at ICFWA (International Coaching Federation Washington State Chapter) she earned its global reputation as a chapter pioneering equity efforts in the coaching profession. Prior to her focus on equity and justice, Peyina was a user-experience researcher managing cross functional teams, and an instructor in higher education. She has additional domain expertise in sense of community, informal learning, and using sociometric analysis to give people agency to engage in the re-distribution of power. She received a PhD dissertation improvement award from the National Science Foundation, Sociology ('09), a University of Washington Presidential Award ('13) and is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). As a Taiwanese American who lived for over 14 years in Central America, she speaks English, Spanish, and Chinese Mandarin.
Peyina Lin-Roberts

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Racial Fluidity: Liberation for All